Cokesbury United Methodist Church
Saturday, December 15, 2018
The Little Church That Does!

Ongoing Ministries and Activities


  Worship, 10:45 A
  Worship Arts, 12 P
  Youth Group, 5:30 P
  NA, 7:30 P
  AA, 7:30 P


First Sunday:
Last Sunday:
Third Wednesday:
  Food Pantry, 10A - 12 P

Fair Acres

Fair Acres Outreach :

Cigarettes (any brand)
Sweat pants and Sweat shirts (men & women ~ see Note below)
Cardigans with pockets (men & women)
Clocks ~ batt. operated (large numbers)
Watches (large numbers)
Sugar free cookies & candy
Cookies & Candy
Snap coats (dusters ~ men & women (men & women ~ see Note below)
bar of soap
comb (not pocket)
nail clippers
nail polish (light colors)
hand towel
knee highs
clip earrings, long neckalaces, bracelets
zip sweatshirts with hoods - men - larger sizes
body powder
body lotions
Religious items
change purses
wallets (men & women)
cologne (men & women)
writing paper
postage stamps
goodie bags
magnifying glass
puzzles (no larger than 500 pieces)
picture frames
stuffed animals (NEW)


Sunday Worship 10:45 AM
Handicapped Accessible

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