Cokesbury United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sunday Worship 10:45 AM
Handicapped Accessible

Fair Acres

Fair Acres Outreach :

Cigarettes (any brand)
Sweat pants and Sweat shirts (men & women ~ see Note below)
Cardigans with pockets (men & women)
Clocks ~ batt. operated (large numbers)
Watches (large numbers)
Sugar free cookies & candy
Cookies & Candy
Snap coats (dusters ~ men & women (men & women ~ see Note below)
bar of soap
comb (not pocket)
nail clippers
nail polish (light colors)
hand towel
knee highs
clip earrings, long neckalaces, bracelets
zip sweatshirts with hoods - men - larger sizes
body powder
body lotions
Religious items
change purses
wallets (men & women)
cologne (men & women)
writing paper
postage stamps
goodie bags
magnifying glass
puzzles (no larger than 500 pieces)
picture frames
stuffed animals (NEW)

All clothing purchased for residents must be washable and be able to fit easily over their heads i.e. zip, button down, or snap sweaters (they like ones with pockets), wide neck sweaters, pull on pants, or snap jackets. If you have any questions call Cheryl Everngham at 610-891-5770 or e-mail Thank you in advance for your kindness and caring of our residents.