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Sunday, March 29, 2020
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  Worship, 10:45 A
  Worship Arts, 12 P
  Youth Group, 5:30 P
  NA, 7:30 P
  AA, 7:30 P


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  Food Pantry, 10A - 12 P

Our Church's Response Regarding COVID-19

To our neighbors, brothers, and sisters of Marcus Hook and surrounding communities -

We are charged by Jesus Christ to love each other and serve each other with love, mercy, and grace. In this era of COVID-19, we are called not to shrink back from that charge, but to fully embrace it and rise to the challenge.

To that end, we will still be holding services every Sunday. Also, we will still be holding the Angel Food Pantry and Sunday Supper. People still need to eat and still need assurance in times of struggle, strife, and panic. We may change the way we do things for the next 15 to 30 days in order to serve those quarantined and to avoid exposure, especially for medically at risk folks, to those in our community and in our congregation.

Additionally, as needs arise with closures of work places, educational institutions, etc., we are considering other ways to serve each other. This crisis is about all of us making it through this difficult time - together, as a community, we can accomplish many good things.

If you are concerned about any of our programs, if you have a need and are concerned about being in a public, and potentially exposed, setting, please, contact us by email (Pastor Sandy Cislo at or Marion Grayson at or by FB message through our church page (

We are told many times in scripture to fear not. Fear is natural - what that really means is to not let fear control us. We will take every precaution possible to protect all of us as we serve. Please, let's do so together.

Sunday Worship 10:45 AM
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